I’m Spring Hanna and I would love to be your Coach. I work with Baby Boomers as they approach the end of their work careers to redefine what it means to be “retired”. When you still have several decades to enjoy, the old images of an aged retiree sitting in a rocking chair all day just won’t cut it. Most Boomers are still healthy, active, energetic, with lots more living and playing to do. They need to create a vision of retirement that takes their situation and what they want out of life seriously.

I “retired” at the end of 2013. After taking a few months off, I started working on my own plan of what retirement looked like to me. I went back to school and trained to be a coach, because I wanted to continue being a productive, helping professional for a while longer. I just wanted the work, the schedule, and the focus to be on MY terms.

Since then I have coached scores of people making positive changes in their lives. I’ve loved the interactions, the excitement born of new self discoveries, and the pleasure and honor of working with ordinary people as they build extraordinary futures.

Won’t you join me on an adventure of a lifetime, the journey into crafting the life you always wanted? What would that look like? I would love to partner with you to make it happen!

Common Mistakes Retirees Make

  1. Expecting unscheduled time will be fun and exciting
  2. Not looking for a new direction and purpose
  3. Assuming that having no responsibilities will be a relief
  4. Ignoring that most social contacts are job related
  5. Thinking it will be easy to fill your time each day
  6. Allowing fear to prevent you from following your dreams
  7. Not seeking help and guidance from a coach before you leave your job

Now What?

What are you planning for the next phase of your life? Didn’t know there was a “next phase”? Welcome to a new century- an additional 2 or 3 decades of renewal, growth, second chances and more!