Group Coaching Program

Group Coaching Programs generally run every other week, or twice each month, for three months. This gives us six one to 1 1/2-hour sessions. The Group includes 5-6 persons working on similar goals and Coach Spring. The sessions include a progress/check-in time for each member, a topic of the week presented by Spring, and direct one-on-one coaching of at least one of the members. The one-on-one coaching will assist all the members, not just the one who is the focus of the session.

Because you are sharing the same time with four or five others, the cost of the sessions is dramatically reduced, compared with private sessions. You also gain knowledge and resources from each member of the group, as well as moral support. It is a winning combination.

Fee: $360 for six sessions over three months, $120 payable the first of each month.

(If you attend a Retirement Workshop and sign up for Group Coaching (3 month commitment), you will receive a $50 credit on your first month’s Group Coaching when you sign up within 30 days of the workshop.)

Private Coaching Programs

If you are ready for more intensive coaching and quicker results, sign up for one of these Private Programs, which offer personal attention for your specific situation.

  • Fast Start Coaching offers two one-hour sessions per month for three months. This includes assessment tools and resources. Fee – $600 for three months.*
  • Step Up Coaching offers three one-hour sessions each month for three months, with assessments and resources. Fee – $675 for three months.*

*All Coaching Programs are payable the first day of each month in session