gratitude - Spring Hanna Life Coach


Gratitude is an incredible gift we can give ourselves. If you aren’t already writing in a Gratitude Journal, pick up a pad of paper this week and see what happens! One amazing thing about acknowledging our gratefulness, even for the simplest of things, is that while we are focused on what we appreciate, there is little room left for complaining. How can I grumble about no sugar for my coffee while I am reflecting on the beauty of fresh cut flowers?

Gratitude turns our attention away from whatever negatives there may be in our day and toward what makes us feel good but is often taken for granted. It is said that whatever we focus on, we create more of. So, focusing on our blessings may lead to having more blessings to acknowledge – which will make filling out your journal that much easier!

Even more importantly, spending time each day reflecting on our experiences brings the fullness, the richness of our lives into perspective as nothing else seems to do. We have so much to be grateful for, if only we will pause and recognize it.

To get you started, here are a few basic things we can all be grateful for:

  • Our senses – sight taste, smell, touch, hearing
  • The stars, which dazzle and put our small concerns into perspective
  • Plants. They shield us from heat and wind; they rustle and soothe; they please the eye
  • Water. Source of life, sustenance, water balloons, swimming

Now it’s your turn. Find a quiet time each day to express your gratitude for things large and small. It is a soul-stretching discipline that will heap on you rewards galore.