Reflections while walking

Today on my early walk it was foggy and cool. As I headed to the harbor, I saw a man with a camera coming toward me with his head down, holding his camera close. Most people in this small town will say hello as they approach, but he said nothing, did not acknowledge me. After we passed, I thought about the man and imagined that he must be insecure or sad, because he didn’t look at me or offer a greeting. Read more

quantum physics and you - Spring Hanna Life Coach

Quantum Physics & You

I am not a scientist, honest. I became aware of Quantum Physics (QP), or Quantum Mechanics as it is sometimes called, only peripherally, when some idea raised enough of an eyebrow in the world of news that it was deemed worthy of a few seconds of time and space, a prime time sound byte. That doesn’t happen very often. Read more

5 ways to simplify - My Coach Spring

5 Ways to Simplify

One of the greatest gifts you can give yourself as you approach retirement is simplifying your life. If you have lived in your home for more than five years, you know you have accumulated too much stuff. You have closets, garage or attic space crammed with things you rarely if ever use. It is time to say adios and free yourself from the burden of your collected prison. Read more

gratitude - Spring Hanna Life Coach


Gratitude is an incredible gift we can give ourselves. If you aren’t already writing in a Gratitude Journal, pick up a pad of paper this week and see what happens! One amazing thing about acknowledging our gratefulness, even for the simplest of things, is that while we are focused on what we appreciate, there is little room left for complaining. Read more