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Quantum Physics & You

I am not a scientist, honest. I became aware of Quantum Physics (QP), or Quantum Mechanics as it is sometimes called, only peripherally, when some idea raised enough of an eyebrow in the world of news that it was deemed worthy of a few seconds of time and space, a prime time sound byte. That doesn’t happen very often.

What I do know about QP is that it focuses on the atomic and sub-atomic level of life, and what has been learned on the microcosmic level has implications for all of life. As a matter of fact, Quantum Physics shook up the world of science, turning what was understood as the basic facts of the material world on its head.

In the early years of the last century, world renowned physicists (with names like Einstein, Heisenberg, Boen, Schrodinger, Bose, Bohr, Bell) were working animatedly on a new theory of how this micro world works. In the 1920s Schrodinger published his work on the subject amid much speculation, doubt and argument. It took decades for other physicists to come to terms with it , add to it and accept it. The rest of us are still reeling.

The theory has many facets to consider, but the one I want to present to you is this one. It is not written from a scientist’s perspective, but using common images. The physical world is made up of a sea of energy, flashing in and out of being in milliseconds, over and over. Nothing is solid. Thought is what brings this field of energy into being and we “see” the objects that make up our world, based on our limited senses and our perspective. The sea of ever-changing energy works like a movie film, giving us glimpses of life which we interpret personally and collectively, creating the world as we know it.

In this way, we create our reality. It is not a world that existed before we saw it; it is one we have fashioned out of what we believe our world to be. So, for instance, two sisters, viewing the world side by side, may see very different worlds, and because of their perspective and commitment to their own beliefs, receive ample feedback that they are each correct, despite perceiving two disparate worlds. There is no one reality, there is only our point of view!

What does that mean for you? Is the world a mirror to the mind? Is it possible that I can influence my perception of the world and change it? How can I use these ideas to improve my life?

Stay tuned for more on this subject.