Most of us live a large portion of our lives on someone else’s schedule, following someone else’s rules. Once we hit retirement, all of that structure is gone. Having no plan may work for a few months but there comes a point where an unplanned, unscheduled life is boring and not worth living. With so many years still ahead, creating a simple, workable retirement plan gives you a sense of direction and purpose that will make these years satisfying and rewarding. A professional Retirement Coach will guide you through the process, making sure you are taking good care of yourself while challenging you to live up to your dreams.

If you are ready to make this next stage of your life one designed to meet your needs, I invite you to contact me today.

Reasons to Hire Me

  1. You will go from clueless and confused to clear. With few good role models for retirement,  I offer a path to your own answers.
  2. You will overcome what blocks you. I provide tools to move you from lack of knowledge, confidence or energy to freedom and excitement.
  3. Together we will design a simple action plan and I will help you break it into manageable bite-sized chunks.
  4. I provide accountability as you take action.
  5. I keep you on track, directed on your goals.
  6. I offer support and encouragement to spare. That’s why I’m called a coach!
  7. Your agenda is my agenda; I hold your vision and share my resources

If you aren’t sure hiring a coach is right for you, or you think it might not be the right time, sign up for a “Test Drive”, a free Discovery Session with Spring! CLICK HERE.